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Sometimes it's hard to see the positive aspects of life, but I'm trying.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I gotta start makin' more noise.

My 19 year old son has a cold. His newest girlfriend came over today to give him a little TLC. He sounds much better this evening.

I'm finding this girl to be very different from the ones he's liked in the past. She's not all about me. I like that...a lot. This afternoon I walked down the stairs, turning the corner of the bottom flight and saw her holding him very tenderly. It didn't bother me at all. On the contrary, I got a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that someone other then hubby and me cared for our darling son so much. I think I startled David, because he jumped up saying, "We're just watching television!" Hmmm...

After supper I went back upstairs for awhile. Later, I went down to get a bottle of water. I think I'm going to start keeping a supply upstairs. As I turned the corner of the bottom flight I saw my son caressing her. Not overly sexual, but tenderly. I didn't think he'd want me to walk in completely at that moment so I cleared my throat. Again he jumped up mumbling something about watching TV. Son you really gotta get a new story.

Even though this girl looks a bit like my MIL when she was younger, I still like her. Anyone that gets up from the supper table, grabs all the dishes, and loads the dishwasher is aces in my book. The next time I start down stairs I'm gonna start makin' noise at the top of the stairs.


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