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Friday, December 23, 2005

Stageparents or why Paul Petersen might be right.

This is a rant. Anyone not interested in why I look down on the majority of stageparents, even though technically I could be called one myself, should exit now.

After many years, almost 14, of attempting to guide my son, David, through this minefield of being a professional actor, I've come to the conclusion that 95% of all parents who push their children to become child performers are just plain nuts.

There are only a handful that actually are supporting their childs dream and not acting out their own aspirations through their child. I can usually tell the ones that could care less about what their children want by the success at all cost attitude. To these people any kind of exposure is good even if it leaves the child open to certain dangers.

This has been a particularly tough week, with investigations here in Hollywood and in Canada of people who work closely with children in this business who are accused of molesting said children. My questions is, where were these parents when all of this was going on?

I don't believe there is another business where parents think it's okay to leave their child alone with a perfect stranger or because they think this person might help their childs career allow them unsupervised access. It stands to reason showbiz would be fertile ground for pedophiles.

Why do parents forget their normal responsibility to protect their children all in the name of success in a business that is notoriously heartless to a childs welfare? It has to be because they are in pursuit of their own dream and not their childs.

I never once allowed David, before the age of twelve, to go into an audition where I couldn't listen at the door. Nor was he left alone with coaches, agents or managers until I was certain he understood that he had the right to say no, get up and leave the room. I was never far away from that room either. Has my action hurt his career? Possibly. I'll never really know, but he's still in the business he loves and I think doing well.

Let's face it this industry is never going to wake up and install the safegaurds that are needed to protect the children until stageparents alter their success at all costs attitude. Why should it care if the parents don't? It's that need of so many parents to make their child a star that makes Paul Petersen right.

End of rant.


  • At 5:59 PM, Blogger Xxaatm said…

    Holy poop Aleta!
    Well, yup, in every area; dance, hockey, football, you name it, predators prey.
    Parents need to beware.
    good post!

  • At 3:31 AM, Blogger Bonnie said…

    Right on, baby!


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