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Friday, January 06, 2006

Isn't it funny how the word lawsuit motivates people?

I was pretty pissed yesterday when I received a call from the diabetes education department at Facey Medical. This was a call informing me that my meeting to learn how to use the meter to check my blood sugar levels and receive information on how to best control my diabetes was being postponed...again.

My doctor has been after me to take the class since early November. I dutifully to set up an appointment at an office near me in Canyon Country and was told they were full up. I'd have to wait three weeks unless I wanted to drive over to the Granada Hills office. I told them I would rather wait the three weeks and go to the closer office just about five minutes from my home.

Two weeks later they called and said they had to postpone the appointment since the woman giving the class needed to go in for surgery the next week. Would I like to go to the Granada Hills office instead or wait an extra week to see the trainer here. I said I'd wait. The week of my appointment they called and said the trainer had to go out of town for additional training and would I like to go to the Granada Hills office or wait two more weeks for an appointent. I was a bit skeptical of this excuse as this was the week of Thanksgiving and I somehow didn't think anyone would be going out of town for two weeks for training. Anyhow, I opted to wait again.

The day before my appointment I receive another call saying that the trainer was recovering from surgery and would I like to see someone at the Granada Hills office or wait until just after Christmas. At this point I decide this woman just didn't want to see me and perhaps it would be best to make the trip into Granada Hills so could I get the earliest possible appointment there.

I was informed that due to the holidays they couldn't squeeze me into that office until after the first week of January. Grrrr. January 11th at 10:45 AM was to be my scheduled appointment for me to learn what I needed to do to get my 300+ blood sugar count under control, since the medications the doctor is currently giving me aren't working and he's threatening to start me on insulin injections everyday.

Yesterday morning a very cheery caller informed me that, once again, my appointment needed to be postponed as this trainer had to attend a mandatory staff meeting at that time. At which point I scoffed as I told her since this was the fourth postponment of my training that I was going to inform my husband and son to get an attorney and sue Facey Medical if I dropped dead due to a diabeties related illness before I receive my training. Wouldn't you know all of a sudden they could see me on the 11th at a slightly later time. Somehow I don't think I'll be receiving another call to postpone my training.


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