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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bitter with the sweet.

A poster on the PARF forum where I'm a moderator called me bitter today. I think I upset him when I told another poster, who is a friend of mine, that I thought our kids would have more professional film equipment available when participating in a 48 hour film festival. This guy is from Boise and took my comment to mean that other places lacked professionalism. Wasn't my meaning at all. It stands to reason since we live in L.A. there is more professional equipment available. Helloooo...it's Hollywood, not Boise. Sheesh, some people are so sensitive.

What really pissed me off though was when he took a shot at me by implying that my son wasn't a professional actor by the standards that he wasn't famous or wealthy yet. Hate me and call me names fine, but mess with my kid and I'll have your liver.

The sweet thing is that my dear son, who has been lacking auditions this year, just had his third one of the year and booked the project. Wooohooo, way to go David! That's one in three average for the year. Though it might be asking a bit much here's hoping he can keep that kind of ratio rolling this year. Could make for a hugely successful year indeed. Me bitter? I think not! LOL!


  • At 1:40 PM, Blogger Bonnie said…

    If this is the guy I think it is, he's sparred with me before on another forum. Total stage parent. Really sketchy pushing-the-kids kind of guy. So, in that respect, I say: CONSIDER THE SOURCE.

    The person who bashed me to a pretty important industry contact (who shared the bash with me, of course)? Yeah, I looked her up on ActorsAccess.com. She has ONE section in her resumé. Training.

    Good for her that she's training. That's very important.

    But I'm sure as hell not going to get my ego upset over someone at a non-pro level in the industry bring my professionalism into question.

    (Not the same thing [my professionalism/your son], but a "baby" just the same.)

    Good for you, Aleta. You rock my world with all of your positivity.

  • At 6:48 PM, Blogger Xxaatm said…

    is that like sorta training bra?
    I think so.
    Gotta have sumthin to 'adjust', 'heave' and basically show off before you can trash talk like that.
    Just my opin of course
    "adjusts, heaves and wiggles*



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