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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I've been gone awhile.

At least gone in the emotional sense. The last few weeks have been a bit trying and I think I've gone into a mild depression. I'm battling hard not to give in to feeling completely lost.

On January 26 my son and his girlfriend, Kim, were in a car accident. Kim, unfortunately, received a broken wrist when she went to honk the horn and the airbag deployed from the impact. Kim was driving my car and according to her and David some guy cut in front of them just as the person ahead of them was stopping. She had no room to avoid the guy who cut in and hit him. According to the police report though the guy that cut in was already there and Kim was following too closely. I'm not sure I concur with the police report. Why would Kim have attempted to honk the horn if the guy was already there? I'm just thankful both of the kids weren't hurt worse.

Anyway Kim's parents are making noises of lawsuit because I let Kim drive my car. Not that they can do anything because Kim is 19 and I think she would be the one to have to sue. I know she won't, but it is annoying to have to deal with idiots. Something Kim and I have in common, idiot parents. At least I'm familiar in dealing with that type. Sigh.

On January 28th my precious, darling David officially became a young man when he celebrated his 20th birthday. We had a lovely party at King's Head Inn in Santa Monica. Over 30 of our friends showed up to help celebrate my dear sons existance. Our friends are good people. Twenty years have gone by rather quickly though. It doesn't seem like he should be that old or is it that I should be THAT old? Hmmmm...

I think I'm also worried about the lack of auditions that have been occuring for David lately. He's only had two since the beginning of the year. By this time last year he had been out ten times. Anyhow we got him some new headshots so maybe that will help.

He's also enrolled with Margie Haber studios to brush up on his auditioning technique. David is a great actor and does well on a set or stage but I think he has problems with auditioning. Can't get the job if you can't nail the audition no matter how great an actor you are. He'll also be starting a stand-up comedy class with Greg Dean soon. This he is doing because he enjoys making people laugh and he's pretty much a natural. Very strange but wonderful sense of humor.

All of the things I've been talking about involve the outlay of money. The $8K+ in repairs to my car were covered mostly by insurance, but there was still a deductable and rental car costs while the car was being repaired. Then ofcourse new headshots aren't cheap and well, the new classes, especially Margie Haber, are expensive. I don't count the party because I had planned for that. Where I get uptight is unplanned expenses. The car was a big one. I know me, when I worry about money, I get depressed. That's probably normal for most people but I can only feel what I feel and it really bugs me.

I know I'll get through this. I have a good budget to follow and enough money to keep all bills paid and food on the table, but I hate having to watch every penny. I also feel guilty for being such a whinny cat because others are in so much worse shape. Lord, where is that winning ticket to the lottery when you need one?


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