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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Stagemoms or something the world needs less of.

Okay, I suppose in a sense, because I have raised a child actor, you could call me a stagemom. I wouldn't if you want to live though. I in NO WAY resemble the stereotypical stagemom. These are the ones that constantly ask, "Did you hear who got the part yet?" for rolls their dear little darlings auditioned for. There have been many a times when I've wanted to say, "Well, obviously yours didn't get it if you haven't heard anything yet." Frankly, I don't give a rat's ass who gets the part if my son didn't. Once you're done with an audition you have to move on otherwise you'd drive yourself crazy.

The audition is, in reality, "the job". If you do well you get to continue to work on the project, if not, you don't. It's that simple. Believe me if you do well you'll hear sooner or later. Yes, I prefer sooner, but that I have no control over so I don't sweat that detail.

In some areas of the internet I never mention an audition my son is going on until way after the fact. When David books something I only tell a few select people that I trust. These don't include stagemoms. For the most part I find their cudos and congratulations fake. I know they'd rather be putting a knife in David's back then praising his success and I don't trust that one or more of them won't try something to hurt his chances on the project he booked. There are evil parents out there folks. Most stagemoms have earned their bad reputation. Unfortunately that rep spills over to those of us who aren't like that just because we have a child in the business.

Just for the record it's not only moms that are crazy in this business. The dads can be a piece of work too. Frankly I think the percentage of stereotypical stageparent seems to be higher in the men then in the women. Lots on nutty stagedads out there.

David has often thanked me for being just a mom and not a stagemom. I like being "just a mom" whose son happens to act. It's a title I'll proudly bear for the rest of my life.


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