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Monday, February 20, 2006

Work, work, work...

David isn't getting many auditions for new projects lately but he's doing really well at his survival jobs. He had been working for Edwards Theatres and wasn't really enjoying the job much anymore. Last October he had worked for Six Flags Magic Mountain during their "Fright Fest". They must have liked him as they called him to come in to interview for a regular job a couple of weeks ago. He got the job and is so much happier then he was at Edwards. When he told Edwards he was leaving they let him know they were getting ready to promote him since they liked his work. They've offered him the opportunity to come back if the job with Six Flags doesn't work out.

It's nice to know he can go back but I don't think he will. He's making more per hour with Six Flags and he says the work is more fun and fulfilling. Right now he is working as a foreman in a section of the park, keeping the characters scheduled for his area, seeing that they have handlers and such. He even stepped into one of the character costumes the other day when the person playing the part got hurt and had to go to first aid. He's been asked if he would like to audition for a host in one of their summer shows as well. He thinks he might like that but he wants to play the part of the Riddler on one of the floats since he found out that's open too. He's hoping they'll let him do both. David's still such a kid but that's part of his charm and charisma.

I'm very proud of him for being a good worker and happy that others like his work ethic. I don't care what he decides to do for his lifes work as long as he does it well and enjoys what he does. Keep up the great work son.


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