On a positive note...

Sometimes it's hard to see the positive aspects of life, but I'm trying.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Mother's Day thought.

As I sit here listening to the sounds and sensing the smells of my Mother's Day breakfast being prepared by my darlings, I can't help but think of my mom and how much I miss her. I'd give almost anything to be able to prepare her breakfast for her one more time. She wasn't a perfect mom, but I know she did love me. I think she was proud of me and happy that I became a mom myself.

Being a mom has had it's high and low points. Somehow all the low points simply don't matter in the long haul. It's the high points and the just plain everyday times that one carries in their heart. David is my greatest gift from the universe. A treasure that I will cherish for as long as I live. I'm so thankful and blessed to be his Mom. Happy Mother's Day to all of my friends who are moms. May your bacon be crispy, your eggs perfect, and your toast unburnt today and always. :)

Woohoo! It worked!

Thank you all who participated in the little test to see if my son's IMDb ranking would be effected by your clicking on the link to his listing. His ranking went from around 122K to right at 42K. WOW! That's a big difference and a great Mother's Day present to boot! You guys are awesome for helping. Again, my thanks.


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Stockmarket 101 or why morons shouldn't invest.

I frankly didn't give a rat's ass about GEPT and didn't even know it existed before yesterday. Now that I've read the SEC filings I think anyone that invests in that POS is nuts. Obviously, by some of the messages I've gotten from one of their so called investors, that seems to be the case. I'm so waiting for this guy to make good on his threat to haul me into court because I have friends who don't like his stock. What a complete moron!

Not only is this guy touting a POS stock but he has no understanding of what is legal and not legal regarding shorts in a stock. As long as the short admits they are short and why they don't believe in a stock, that's legal. Just as legal as saying you're long and why you DO believe in a stock. It's simply two opposing thoughts on a matter. As far as those who haven't invested in the stock but know that some of the folks running the company are less then upright in the manner in which they run a business...well...they have the right and, IMO, the responsibility to tell what they know. It's up to the investor or potential investor to take all of the info provided into consideration. IOW it's the old buyer beware law in action here. Nothing more.

I've read several hundred posts on the Yahoo GEPT board and have seen nothing illegal regarding those who don't support the stock. The only legal issues I see are coming from one supporter of this stock. He is posting that I and others have made comments we didn't about our friend. If I were a shareholder or, better yet, the people running this company I'd shut this guy, buying_gept, down. He's far more harmful to this stocks price then anyone who isn't supporting it. IMO, he's just plain nuts. Smart, savvy investors know to run when they see his kind show up on a stock board. He is the worst kind of supporter and a sure sign a company is going down.

For the record let me state that I own no GEPT either long or short. Never have, never will. As I wrote earlier I didn't even know it existed before yesterday. Now that someone gave me the link and I've read the SEC filings I would suggest a very strong sell and run like hell to the nearest exit with whatever dollars you have left.

Ya' gotta have friends.

I'm very fortunate that I have the friends I do. They are all unique and interesting people. They don't all like one another all of the time, but I like them all MOST of the time. I, ofcourse, love sharing their joys and actually I don't mind sharing their sorrows either because they are my friends and I love them all. Friends help one another and they've certainly been there for me when I've needed them. Actually my friends are more like a huge extended family to me, even down to the family squabbles. LOL!

Bottom line is, my friends are very important to me and cherished. When some creep thinks he can do damage to my friendships for monetary gain then he is taking a huge chance on waking a sleeping giant. Threatening me in anyway due to my friends won't make me become less of a friend. In fact, it has the opposite effect.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Let's see if this really works.

So they say if you get a lot of hits to your IMDb listing your ranking will go up. IOW the numbers will go lower. Unfortunately my sons ranking numbers over the last few weeks have been getting higher not lower. So I'd like to test this by asking those who read my blog to click on my sons link below to the IMDb. Let's see if there is any truth to their claim. Oh and if you have the time or the inclination to leave a message on his message board saying what a wonderful actor he is that's supposed to help too. :) Thank you all for your help.