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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Stockmarket 101 or why morons shouldn't invest.

I frankly didn't give a rat's ass about GEPT and didn't even know it existed before yesterday. Now that I've read the SEC filings I think anyone that invests in that POS is nuts. Obviously, by some of the messages I've gotten from one of their so called investors, that seems to be the case. I'm so waiting for this guy to make good on his threat to haul me into court because I have friends who don't like his stock. What a complete moron!

Not only is this guy touting a POS stock but he has no understanding of what is legal and not legal regarding shorts in a stock. As long as the short admits they are short and why they don't believe in a stock, that's legal. Just as legal as saying you're long and why you DO believe in a stock. It's simply two opposing thoughts on a matter. As far as those who haven't invested in the stock but know that some of the folks running the company are less then upright in the manner in which they run a business...well...they have the right and, IMO, the responsibility to tell what they know. It's up to the investor or potential investor to take all of the info provided into consideration. IOW it's the old buyer beware law in action here. Nothing more.

I've read several hundred posts on the Yahoo GEPT board and have seen nothing illegal regarding those who don't support the stock. The only legal issues I see are coming from one supporter of this stock. He is posting that I and others have made comments we didn't about our friend. If I were a shareholder or, better yet, the people running this company I'd shut this guy, buying_gept, down. He's far more harmful to this stocks price then anyone who isn't supporting it. IMO, he's just plain nuts. Smart, savvy investors know to run when they see his kind show up on a stock board. He is the worst kind of supporter and a sure sign a company is going down.

For the record let me state that I own no GEPT either long or short. Never have, never will. As I wrote earlier I didn't even know it existed before yesterday. Now that someone gave me the link and I've read the SEC filings I would suggest a very strong sell and run like hell to the nearest exit with whatever dollars you have left.


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