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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Good can come from bad.

Sometimes you just have to have faith that things will get better and life will be good once more. My son has been struggling with health issues that have been effecting him emotionally in a very negative manner for about the last 5-6 months. We finally found a doctor who knew what the heck she was doing and knew exactly the treatment he needed to get his life back on track. Ofcourse this doctor isn't in network on our insurance so we have to pay completely out of pocket for her help but the old adage of, "You get what you pay for", certainly applies here. Right now I'm feeling very greatful and blessed that my DH and I have been able to help our son out at this time.

The changes in my sons attitude and thinking have been dramatic over the last two weeks. Instead of feeling depressed and hopeless he now feels that he has a future and a bright and great one at that. He has a postive energy about him that I haven't seen in a very long while.

Wonderful, little positive, fun, and happy things have been happening to him just to prove he's heading in the right direction. Yesterday, for example, we went into town to see his doctor. Near her office is a Jay and Silent Bob Secret Stash store. My son dearly loves Kevin Smith's films and thinks these characters rock. As we walk into the store after his doctors appointment, the clerk at the desk notices David is wearing a Mooby's shirt and tells him, "Hey, Mooby's kid go to the back of the store."

I look around the left side of the shelf unit as David walks down the right side and see Kevin Smith, AKA Silent Bob, sitting at a table signing one Clerk's II poster after another. I knew my son was going to think he died and went to heaven when he got back there. He actually handled himself very well and got to have a nice conversation with one of he film heroes. He was going to buy one of the signed posters when Kevin offered to personalize one for him to which he pinned, "David, I fucking love you so much." and signed the poster. I now have a framed poster prominently displayed in my home with the word fucking on it. I guess my home is no longer G or even PG rated. He also signed David's copy of Chasing Amy that David had gone in the store to buy in the first place with a little arrow pointing to the actress' picture on the DVD saying David had had her.

It was all such fun for my son. The most important part was after talking about making films and finding out that David plans on going to film school shortly, Kevin Smith got up, shook his hand, and wished him good luck. Now my son says he will absolutely succeed because one of his idols in filmmaking wished him luck. I pray he's right. Anyway it was such a wonderful thing to see the joy my son got from this chance encounter. He hasn't been that truly joyful in awhile.

Then to top off the evening David got invited to a special concert with My Chemical Romance. A friend of his had VIP passes and asked David if he wanted to come along. His friend also asked Hillary Duff and she showed up too. She remembered David from the days when we all lived at the Oakwood Apartments just before she hit it big with Lizzie Mcguire. It seems they had a little thing for one another for a few weeks and it made him feel pretty good that she even remembered him. I guess he really is a good kisser. All in all a very good day.


  • At 8:05 AM, Blogger Susan Jones said…

    *poke poke*
    You alive woman?

  • At 6:45 PM, Blogger Debra McCarthy said…

    So glad he's doing well, Aleta! I see the changes in him every time I see him and he looks so happy and so at peace with himself and his environment!

    He still has that little sassy side of him, that rebel side if you will, that makes David, David! Like climbing up and over my balcony to the second story to come through the sliding glass door rather than the front door, but... gotta love'm!!! ;)

    Did he show ya the Troma stuff Ashley got him from Comic-con? I think he liked it! It was the same day he met Kevin Smith and he said that it had been such a great day and that the Troma stuff made it even better!

    Hey! We're swimming and BBQ'ing tomorrow, wanna join us? Call me!

  • At 8:17 AM, Blogger Aleta said…

    Susan, I'm still alive. Tired but living.

    Deb, he did show me the "Wicked" book from Ashley. I'm sure he loved the Troma stuff. Ashley is a great friend for thinking of him. I thank her for that and you for having raised such a great kid.

    Sorry DH and I missed the BBQ but we laid low and rested over the weekend. Much needed I might add. Thanks for asking though.

  • At 4:02 PM, Blogger Susan Jones said…

    tired but living is good!!!
    not grrrrrrrrrreat, but good!
    So sistah, keep the eye on the
    grrrrreat ball eh!


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