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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Money, money, money...

My DH has been working for over a year on this particular contract and I must say we've enjoyed the money he's been earning. So when they informed him a week and a half ago that their budget for the rest of the year was going to be cut and his contract terminated in two weeks, we were just a little sad. Not that he would be out of work completely. His company has other contracts where he could work, but none quite as lucrative as this one.

Fortunately my DH is a good worker and is very skilled in his field. The supervisors running the job like his work so they got together with the higher ups and pushed for additional budget to keep him on. It worked! He was told today that they would be keeping him through the end of the year. Yea! Time to celebrate!


  • At 12:16 AM, Blogger Debra McCarthy said…

    YAY!!! So happy for you guys! Homer's such a good guy! Proof of that is his supervisors going to bat for him! Good for him! Good for the family! :)


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